Integrated IT

infrastructure services

We identify your specific IT needs and offer customized solutions to streamline your business operations.

Complete IT

implementation process

We follow a stable process of implementation of each project, adapting at the same time to your particular needs.

Productive collaborations

on the company profile

We develop solutions for each project requirement, always following your clients business interests

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Customizable according to
the company's needs

Cost reduction through fixed or variable subscriptions

Design, delivery and implementation of IT infrastructure

Assuring protection against IT threats

Maintenance of critical IT infrastructure and systems


20 Years
Of Experience

20 Years
Of Experience


We solve your particular IT challenges

Having over 24 years of experience in providing IT services to our clients, we are flexible, we expect change and we are prepared to adapt on the fly. We worked with companies from Cluj, Zalău, Baia Mare and Bucharest.


We adapt to the specifics of each project, regardless of its particularities and requirements.

Operational efficiency

We respect deadlines and we set realistic and favourable terms for the client.

Competitive price

Each project has it's values, that's why we developed solutions according to specific needs.


Over 900
successful partnerships

We strive to meet the client's needs in each project, contributing to the streamlining of the business processes. We develop solid collaborations, guaranteeing long-term quality services.



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