Th Trucks (EVW Holding)

Th Trucks (EVW Holding)


For this project the main objective was to provide a hardware solution that could cover all the requirements of implementing an ERP based on SAP HANA.



Therefore, in the initial phase, we performed an analysis of the specific requirements of the solution architecture based on Fujtisu Primequest 2800, a server developed specifically for the mission-critical application area, certified by SAP HANA. This server is based on a solution that allows the integration of up to 4 physical partitions, that can be physically and logically isolated. Each partition is equipped with two Intel Xeon E7-8880v4 processors, having 22C/44T, as well as 768 GB of RAM.

Taking into account the need to facilitate the allocation and management of the storage resources, but also to reduce the overall costs, we decided to integrate a FUJITSU ETERNUS DX200 storage equipment, certified for SAP HANA, in order to host all HDDs and SSDs necessary for this implementation.



The chosen solution. based on Fujtisu Primequest technology, provided the necessary resources for the installation of SAP HANA, as well as the 3 database instances for Productiv and 4 instances for the DEV / QAS environment. In addition to the scaling benefits, the Primequest-based system also provides the necessary redundancy for such an application:

  • The two identically equipped processing blades ensure hardware redundancy; if one of the blades encounters a malfunction, its functionality is taken over by the second blade
  • The two communication blades also ensure redundancy in communication, so that in the event of a failure of one of the blades, communication will continue to be functional.
  • The six power supplies guarantee both the operation of the chassis in its optimal parameters, as well as the redundancy of the power supply necessary for its operation, in the event that one of the sources encounters a malfunction.


Furthermore, the communication infrastructure for all the locations in the country has been improved by replacing the dedicated line solution between locations with a VPN solution, that provides secure communication using Fortinet technologies. A significant decrease in operating costs has been achieved, as well as a greater visibility of the national infrastructure and data security.