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Vertiv Romania


The project carried out with Vertiv Romania aimed at relocating their headquarters within Emerson and arranging the infrastructure of strong and low currents for 4 floors of the new office space. This process was carried out according to certain deadlines initially set, and the solutions offered had to ensure the proper functioning of all the company’s processes.


To cover all the requirements of this project we followed several steps. First of all, I installed the data / voice network. Subsequently, we provided power and safety for all workstations. Subsequently, four technical rooms were built for network equipment and servers, while implementing redundant cooling and inert gas extinguishing systems in the data centers.

Furthermore, the conference rooms were equipped with professional displays, but also with video-audio conference equipment. This step was followed by the design of three multimedia rooms equipped with video matrices, controlled from touch screen systems, using professional Kramer solutions.

Furthermore, a centralized access control and video surveillance solution was implemented, thus guaranteeing the security of the personnel and the goods on the premises. Finally, we ensured the relocation of the equipment and its commissioning at the new headquarters, as well as their testing.

  • 60 km Cat6A cable installed
  • 1300 data / voice ports
  • 4 network technical rooms
  • 3 video-audio equipment rooms
  • 1 access control & CCTV solution
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